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Chinese LED lights and the development of enterprise competition

LED street lamps in 2009 although the rate of growth faster than expected, but the future is bright. LED lamps will replace the traditional optimistic about the bright future of street lamps, the LED R & D companies are rushing to power LED lamps. Current business has launched hundreds of LED lamp products, but most are not mass production. LED lights compared to the enthusiasm of enterprises in China in 2009 have not yet made power LED street lamp market. Research institutions, according to industry statistics LEDinside, LED street lamps in 2009 the market size in China is only 20-30 10 000, while the LED lights is estimated to be a massive scale since 2012. Attractive prospects for the future the current market demand is inadequate, how should face the market, each enterprise to make informed choices into the LED current headaches faced by companies.
The highly competitive Chinese market
    LED lights actually go business investment demand in the market, ahead of only the current investment situation, the overall capacity of enterprises in the next two years should be in surplus. It is estimated that by 2010 China LEDinside LED street lamp market will grow 100 percent to reach 400,000 over the scale, companies planning to offer LED lamp production capacity has far exceeded the market demand times. The current relative LED lights have been more mature enterprises in Dongguan have been ground, the Weifang in Anhui, Zhejiang seeking, Shenzhen Bang-Bell, Shanxi Guangyu, Zhejiang crystal day, Zhejiang were the core, Shenzhen SED, Shenzhen Hua Ye so.
    LED lamp sales of these enterprises have reached a certain scale, while the LED lights and more companies do not sell, it is supported by the development of enterprises of other products. In addition to already have these enterprises, under construction or ready to build a number of large projects. In 2009, Mao began operations in Zhengzhou students produce 800,000 sets of LED street lamp project, Jiangxi crystal and LED lighting lamps start 200,000 project, Jiangxi crystal can plan projects 50,000 LED lights, bright and Korea plans to invest in Guangzhou annual 50 000 LED lights projects. There are a lot of LED lights in the planning of large projects, the future LED street lamp will be very fierce market competition.
Enterprises should increase the proportion of R & D
    Proportion of enterprises should put more money into R & D LED lamps, LED lamps instead of a hurry to set up production bases. Even now established a large LED lamp factory, due to limited market sales of LED street lamp products are far still can not achieve good benefit. LED street lamp a few years while the other technology and markets mature, the established plant and equipment may be relatively backward, and they have to re-purchase and replacement of equipment, waste a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.
    From the current market situation, with its huge factory set up to wait for the next big one coming, as an appropriate scale to put more money into research and development of LED lights. With the LED lights the future standard baked, LED street lamp will constantly improve the quality of testing, companies only have a strong technical force street lights to get the real big one. It is proposed that LED street lights in the R & D companies invested more energy.
LED street lamp market prospects overseas, more profits
    United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen effectively improve the national emphasis on energy conservation and emissions reduction, the future market overseas LED lights will provide a broad space. In fact, many enterprises in China have already achieved in overseas markets are very good results, such as Shenzhen Bang-Bell, 70% of the LED lamps are sold overseas, Zhejiang demand is there are many lights have been sold to overseas markets. Compared with China, overseas market prices higher profits and more abundant, and the amount of recovery cycle is shorter. Of course, lights should be sold overseas companies, especially Europe and the United States developed countries need to strengthen R & D investment to ensure LED lights in different climatic conditions, the quality and stability.

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