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Bulb-type LED illumination half price, low-priced...

Bulb-type LED illumination half price, low-priced products popular cause?
    Bulb-type LED lighting more and more intense price competition. Sharp lit fuse. June 2009, Sharp will release new products in the market price set at about half the price, equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp of the product is priced at about ?3,900, equivalent to 60W incandescent lamp of the product is priced at about ?4000 . "Incandescent life of 100 yen per 1000 hours, the projected life of 40,000 hours of LED light bulbs price of 4000 yen" (Sharp). To make the price per unit of time with the same incandescent, Sharp cut LED, power supply parts and material costs. The spirit of "do not branch outside, choose the right materials" approach, even the core components of Sharp抯 LED packages are outsourced, rather than independent production.
Improve the performance of LED packages for cost-cutting contributed. Miniaturization and thermal design easier than ever to achieve, and easier to type in such a small light bulb packaging space. However, half the price, the cost is not reduced enough to    be profitable level. So this is the introduction of strategic Sharp price for LED lighting in the home for this new market share.    As expected, popular new products in order to ensure supply and even the number of delayed time to market.
To combat Sharp, competitors have to take action. Toshiba Lighting Technology in July 2009 and added power consumption of 6.9W 4.1W of total 4 products LED bulbs. Day white product integrated efficiency 82lm / W, "is the industry抯 highest" (the company), 6.9W product price 5460 yen, 4.1W product price 5250 yen, about half of the existing products. The actual market price of 4,000 yen. Involved in the same year in April just type LED light bulb market Ecorica in within 3 months after listing, the product price from 7200 yen to 3780 yen down. also in the same year in June to 3,980 yen from mid-price set foot in the market.
While in the "cost accounting is very difficult" (Toshiba Lighting Technology)抯 plight, but the company is still expanding low-cost competition, because in the market, the first king who was well-known. Expected characteristics of the long life of LED lighting in popularity after the change will not have too much demand, the LED lighting market, excessive competition has begun.
    The frequent appearance of new products, bulb-type LED lighting in June 2009, Sharp released the 4000 yen or so products. Gang involved in the market Ecorica 4,000 yen will be reduced to the following prices.

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